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Trick Training

Do More with Your Dog trick training and titling

continues to grow in popularity,

and the organization has added new titles to their lineup.

During 2020, DMWYD awarded almost 600 masters titles,

of which 157 were Canadian dogs.

They recently added an addition title -  the TDGCH

and on day 1, they awarded 62 titles, of which 16 are Canadian dogs.

Do More With Your Dog is run by trick trainer Kyra Sundance.

To receive a CKC-recognized Trick Dog title,

you first have to teach your dog a set number of tricks. 

Here are video lessons for all the tricks - if you get stuck or want to work on the tricks so your dog can do them in public (with distractions), you our CAPDT trainer can help you!

To earn your first title, you should

Print the Novice title checklist

and teach your dog 15 tricks from the Novice checklist.

Sample tricks include 2-on/2-off
back up in a chute (5 ft/ 1.5 m)
balance beam
balance cookie on nose
bang game (smack a board)
bar jump
bow under a magic square
catch a toy in mid-air
cavalettis in an arc
crawl (5 crawl steps)
drop it
fetch (bring it near me)
find the hidden treats
flying disc (rolling on ground)
focus (hold eye contact 6 sec.)
hand signals (3 behaviors)
hide and seek (find me)
hoop jump
jump for joy (jump straight up)
jump over my knee
kennel up (send to crate)
kisses, and more!

There are three additional advanced Trick Dog Titles:

Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert

(with accompanying checklists).

Each must be earned consecutively.

Tricks must be taught with positive methods.

Disabled/Senior/ Service Dogs:

Are welcome, DMWYD supports clients by working

to establish alternate criteria if required.


Show your videos to a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI)

in one of the DMWYD free Facebook Spark Teams

Once the CTDI has approved your tricks,

submit this form online and pay your registration fee.

There are also a series of Masters titles for dogs who have passed all the previous levels to work on:

TDGCH - Trick Dog Grand Champion
NTD-M - Novice Trick Dog Masters
ITD-M - Intermediate Trick Dog Masters
ATD-M - Advanced Trick Dog Masters
ETD-M - Expert Trick Dog Masters
TD-ROM - Trick Dog Register of Merit