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Getting Ready to Purchase a Puppy? - Bringing a New Puppy Home - APDT U.S.

How do I socialize my puppy despite coronavirus? - Our member trainer describes the process.

Should I Take My Puppy to Training Before Their Vaccinations are Finished?  - Veterinary Behaviour Specialists Recommend Puppy Socialization -NOT Quarantine until Vaccines are Complete!

What Kind of Training Should I Look For?- Canadian Veterinarians Recommend Humane Training

Online Interview - CBC's Island Morning monthly feature with Dr. Marti Hopson, PEI Veterinary Medical Association.

What to Train Your Puppy First - Kikopup

Stop Puppy Biting with Handling Games - Kikopup

What Kind of Training Methods to Use?  Choosing a Humane Hierarchy for Training - Using The Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) Approach\

Parents - Kids and Dogs: 

Keys to Supervising Kids and Dogs - Robin Bennett

Teaching Children About Dog Safety - APDT U.S.

Dogs, Babies and Baby Equipment

Why Won't My Dog Do What They Do at Home or In Class in the Real World?

But They Do It So Nicely at Home!

Senior Dog Owners:

The Joys of Training a Senior Dog - with CAPDT Board member Megan!

CBC's Island Morning monthly feature with Dr. Marti Hopson, PEI Veterinary Medical Association.

Fun Stuff for Dogs of All Ages:

Learn about the Animal Cognition - Dr. Brian Hare

A Peek Inside the Lions Foundation of Canada diabetic alert dog program

Teach Your Dog To Be Comfortable with Grooming & Nail Trimming - Emily Larlham

Become a pro trainer - using the clicker & treats in the same hand - Hannah Branigan

Jump Through a Hoop (or your arms) - Emily Larlham

What about....?

Understanding Departure, Confinement and Separation Anxiety

CBC's Island Morning monthly feature - listen to interviews with Dr. Marti Hopson, PEI Veterinary Medical Association.

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