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We offer two types of memberships (Professional & Associate) described below.  If you've gone through what's here and have questions, or are having any issues with your application or renew, just let us know and we'll get you fixed up.

Professional members are acting professional trainers (people pay them to help train their dogs).

Associates are non-training canine professionals or others who support the industry - such as suppliers, owner/individual dog trainers, groomers, etc..

Professional membership - application

$70.00 -   First Year Membership for an Individual Trainer.  Renewal - $60.00 - (Login to your member's account to renew)

All fees are CDN $ and subject to GST or HST as appropriate.  

Fill Out a Professional Membership Application (Note: You will be taken to a secure server where you can use a credit card to complete this transaction).

Membership is open to individuals 18+ who agree to abide by the Association’s By-laws and Code of Ethics.  Members receive a suite of benefits including discounts on business insurance (for example - at LMS Prolink) & training products, a listing in our online trainer's directory, quarterly newsletters, reduced conference rates, and use of the CAPPDT members logo on your site.  Professional members are entitled to one vote per membership and must complete one (1) calendar year of uninterrupted membership to vote on Association issues.  Members must self-report 3 hours of Continuing Education Units to maintain their membership and ensure they are up-to-date on the latest work on how to most effectively and humanely train dogs.  This education can include reading professional books on training, attending seminars and conferences, personal mentoring from trainers with different skillsets and more (ask us if you have something in mind and want to know if it fits).

Associate membership - $45.00 first year.  Renewal - $40.00  (Login to your member's account to renew)

All fees are CDN $ and subject to GST or HST as appropriate

Fill Out an Associate Membership Application (Note: You will be taken to a secure server to complete this transaction)

Associate members are age 18+ Canadian individuals within the canine industry who believe in and promote the humane training of dogs, but are not actively involved in a training capacity. Groomers, pet sitters, suppliers of food, treats, etc. and individual owner-trainers are welcome to join us.  Associates agree to be abide by the Association’s Bylaws and Code of Ethics and sign a pledge to use humane and low force methods. Associate members are NOT listed on the CAPDT trainer database but do receive and may advertise at low rates in our quarterly newsletter and receive discounted booth rates at our conferences.

Note for Professional AND Associate Applications re Membership Year:

Membership year is from April 1 to April 1. New members joining between January 1 and March 31 will receive extended membership into the following membership year, eligible for first renewal on April 1 of the year following the join date. Membership dues are not prorated for mid-year applications.


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